• Proprietary rubber compound provides added traction and secure fit while retaining elasticity in subzero temperatures.

  • Convenient hook and strap with adjustment system provides a quick, easy, comfortable and secure fit on a wide variety of footwear.

  • 4 Tungsten Carbide Due North® Ice Diamond™ Spikes, along with the bi-directional tread, provides powerful traction with maximum grip.



The Due North® HTA - Heel Traction Aids are ideal for drivers, delivery personnel or anyone operating machinery where use of a conventional, full coverage traction aid may interfere with driving capabilities. Whether you're a professional delivery person or someone who just needs extra stability in winter conditions, the enhanced design and functionality of the HTA will give you the extra confidence you need when walking on icy and snowy conditions. The HTA has two unique design features that quickly and easily allow the user to flip the traction pad or slide the traction pad out from underneath the heel when encountering a walking surface that may be damaged. Simply reverse the procedure when ice and snow traction is again needed and potential damage to the walking surface is no longer present. The increased traction will help with preventing slips and falls on ice and snow, which will help reduce the risk of pulled muscles, fractured bones or even back problems caused by a quick slip or fall. When not in use, the compact design makes them easy to store in small places such as, your coat pocket, handbag or the glove box in your vehicle.

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WARNING: Due North traction aids help give you traction on ice, snow or similar porous surfaces. However, because NO product can completely prevent a slip or fall on slippery surfaces, remember to exercise care when walking or running in Due North traction aids. Caution should also be taken when moving on any hard or polished surface such as granite or marble, on ladders, or when driving a vehicle. Use care, as these traction aids are sharp and may injure or damage flooring, surfaces, or skin. Due North traction aids are not to be used for mountaineering and/or hiking, in rocky terrain, or when the user may encounter steep up or down slopes. Due North traction aids are not designed or intended to be used on high heel footwear.  This product contains latex. HTA Traction Aid- are designed for more traction when the heel comes into contact with slippery surfaces using full body weight.  Walking on the ball or toe portion of the foot will not provide the intended aid.

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